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Buffer Law


In 2015, Governor Dayton signed into law Minnesota Statute 103F.48, which requires the establishment of buffers of permanent vegetation on certain water bodies across the state. The required buffer widths and deadlines for establishment vary by water body:

Public Waters: A buffer of 50ft average width, 30ft minimum, must be in place by November 1st, 2017.

Public Ditches: A buffer of 16.5ft must be in place by November 1st, 2018.

The Minnesota DNR has created a buffer protection map (link below) that shows where buffers are required and how wide they need to be. The web page also contains additional information and resources on how the map was created. The map has undergone multiple changes since it was released. Some streams may have been added or removed, or required widths may have changed.

The Lincoln SWCD will be the primary source for implementing the buffer law. We are available to help with compliance determination, planning and planting. Stop by our office or call (507) 694-1630 ext. 3 for more information. Also, visit the BWSR web page at the link below for more details.

Compliance Review

The Lincoln SWCD will perform a compliance review of buffers required by the buffer law. All parcels in the county are to be reviewed within a 3-year time frame. The Lincoln SWCD will review 1/3 of all parcels each year. In addition, we will conduct random spot checks each year outside of the scheduled area. Read more about the compliance review process at the link below.


Lincoln SWCD Monitoring Plan For Buffer Compliance Tracking

Lincoln County Buffer Ordinance

MN DNR Buffer Protection Map


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