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Seed Program
Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District sells seed for use in CRP plantings, wildlife plantings, waterways, and more.  


CRP mixes, cover crops, alfalfa, and hay and pasture mixes can be purchased through the Lincoln SWCD. Contact the Lincoln SWCD Conservation Technician for pricing.



Also available is a Great Plains drill, tractor and operator in which the SWCD transports to and from the location.  With this service, the seed must be purchased through the Lincoln SWCD.



The Lincoln SWCD has available for rent the following drills:

  • Great Plains No-till Drill

  • Brillion Grass Seeder

Contact Information

For more information on the seed and drill program please the Lincoln SWCD Conservation Technician.

Sam Schardin, Conservation Technician

Lincoln SWCD


507-694-1630 Ext. 114

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